DKM publishes regulations for 2021


After the DKM race calendar 2021 was published in the beginning of December, now improvements for the upcoming season followed. There are several changes, which make for more attractiveness for the participants, thereby the entry fees will stay the same.

In 2021 the races of the DKM will again be advertised internationally and are entered in the CIK calendar. With that, the drivers are fighting for the title of the international German kart championship. Through the transition, the sporting and especially technical regulations of the CIK apply to the full extent, alone in the technical area there are small differences to the DMSB kart regulations (f.ex. different regulations for helmets).

Also, the entry fees change considerably in the New Year. Generally, there are no late fees anymore for applications after April 1st, 2021. Generally, now an inscription is allowed up to two weeks before a DKM event. Also, the safety and hygiene fee will be integrated into the entry fee, thus, making the processing for the teams before a racing event much easier. It is pleasant that the entry fees for the classes DKM, DJKM and DSKM will remain unaltered. Due to contractual reasons, those will be adjusted in the DSKC, with that all four championships will have the same fee.

After the successful introduction of the hygiene concept in the 2020 season, it will be held on to and optimized in 2021. Furthermore, every person involved in the event will receive a Safedi-Transponder, which makes an easy and safe contact tracking possible. There is a simplified and improved platform for the application.

Greater changes can be seen in the race mode of each class DKM, DJKM, DSKM and DSKC. Depending on the participants, the final phase on Sunday will be carried in a different mode. That is depending on the number of entries and is supposed to give all participants the chance to participate in a race on Sunday. Up to 36 entries per class will not change anything, there will be two equal final races on Sunday. When there are more than 36 participants, the field will be divided into two pre-finals in which each 18 pilots qualify for a final in the afternoon.

Depending on the number of inscriptions, the races of the DSKM and DSKC can be consolidated. For that purpose, there have to be less than 18 inscriptions in one class on the due date, April 1st, 2021. With a consolidation there will still be two championships. Additionally, the entry criteria for the DSKC will be tightened a little, with that the driver’s field is supposed to be split more qualitatively.

The inscription phase of the German kart championship with its four classes starts mid-January. For this, a separate message with all information will be published.

Download: Regulations

DKM race calendar 2021*:
07.05.-09.05.2021 – Kerpen
04.06.-06.06.2021 – Wackersdorf
30.07.-01.08.2021 – Genk (Belgium)
10.09.-12.09.2021 – Mülsen
01.10.-03.10.2021 – Ampfing

* subject to all permissions