Declaration by the DKM organization on the OK result (DKM)


Although all decisions relating to Race 2 of OK Seniors class made on site in Kerpen within a reasonable timely period and the race result was finalised, it is possible that not all Entrants in this category have received the complete information about it.

The ways of communication from the race management to the Entrant determined based on the Corona hygiene guidelines may not have guaranteed the required reliability at this point in time.

In order to inform all Entrants to the DKM equal fairly, the DKM organization decided to make the following statement on the course of the investigations regarding the participant with starting number 14, Entrant SFR Motorsport, Driver Luca Griggs.

Race 19 of the Event, the DKM "Race 2", started at 2:30 pm.

The Race was over after a total time of almost 17 minutes. The race was won by starting number 14 (Luca Griggs / SFR Motorsport) ahead of starting number 15 (Niels Tröger / Mach 1 Motorsport / +4.601 s) and starting number Juho Valtanen / TB Racing Team / +6.130 s).

As after every race, the cool down lap follow the finish flag and the track left towards the weighing area.

Before the Scrutineers determined the competition weight, a Judge of Facts will control the front fairing if it is on the kart in the correct position or not. A front fairing out of the correct position automatically results in a time penalty of 5 seconds for the Driver concerned.

In the case of starting numbers 12, 14, 29 and 30, the respective front fairings were not in correct position and this was reported by Judge of Facts.

Immediately afterwards, the same Judge of Facts also reported that a screw on the fastening of the access ramp from the floor to the platform of the scales was loosened over time due to the load on the ramp to such an extent that it protruded from the flat surface of the access ramp.

The construction of the permanently installed scale with the two ramps for entry and exit is designed in such a way that a kart can drive on the scale on its own power.

However, this independent driving is usually only possible for the Driver who arrives first at the scales after the race. This was possible and was also done for the Driver number 14 in the race concerned.

During the weekend, various drivers often practiced this independent driving for dutiful weighing.

The responsible Officials on the scales and the Judge of Facts have determined that the front fairing of the kart number 14 on this loosened and protruding fastening screw of the access ramp struck strongly (audibly) when driving on the scale and was therefore the reason for incorrect positioned fairing with a high degree of probability. A closer examination of the front fairing confirmed this hypothesis.

However, since the detected incorrect positioned front fairing cannot withdrawn without initiating further proceedings, a 5-second penalty was published for number 14 in the published result of Race 2 (virtual notice at 4:17 p.m.).

At a different time, the aforementioned process on the scales the Chief Scrutineer confirmed in a report to the Stewards.

In order to clarify the extent to which the front fairing was actually moved out of the position on the scales or if this happened before in the race, an extensive investigation of the various racing situations was initiated.

Due to the possibilities by the video recordings of Race Control, the race of start number 14 followed up in an extensive follow-up check to determine to what extent the setting of the front fairing can be traced back to a situation identified during the race.

This follow-up check refuted that contact with other karts in the race could have caused the incorrect position of front fairing of kart no. 14. For this purpose, the first lap and all other situations, e.g. analyses overtaking manoeuvres etc.

As result of these investigations, the Race Director recommended to the Stewards to use the options provided by the Sporting Code to examine the entire situation and to follow the advice of the Judge of Facts by evaluating all available information and to annul the time penalty with their Decision (in application of Art. 11.9.3.e of the Code (I.S.C.).

After hearing Entrant no. 14 and the Driver, the Stewards' decision 16 withdrew the time penalty for start number 14 and announced to the Entrant at 17:12.

The decision was published on the digital notice board at 5:16 p.m. and the corrected result of the race at 5:20 p.m.


Because it may not have been possible for all Entrants to take note of and evaluate the Stewards' decision and the race result within the normal period for the reasons described above, the Stewards decided to apply the sense Article 15.4.2 .b of the Code to extend the deadline for the intention of appeal. All entrants were informed about this by email.